Grocery List

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Highest Antioxidant Grocery Table
Rank Category Antioxidant content
Antioxidant content in FRAP mmol/100 g.
Source: The Antioxidant Food Table
1Herbal / traditional plant medicine0.28 - 2897.11
2Beverage0.00 - 1,347.83
The healthiest tea
3Herbs and spices0.08 - 465.32
4Berries and berry products0.06 - 261.53
5Fruit and fruit juices0.02 - 55.52
Anti-cancer Fruits
The healthiest apples
Why fruit juice fail?
6Vegetables0.00 - 48.07
Anti-cancer Vegetables
Carrot vs baby carrot
The healthiest lettuce
The healthiest mushroom0.06 - 3.85
The healthiest onion
7Nuts and seeds0.03 - 33.29
8Grains and grain products0.01 - 3.31

The healthiest rice
9Pulses (legumes)0.01 - 1.97
The healthiest soy food
The healthiest bean
The healthiest lentil

Home baking

The healthiest sugar
The healthiest chocolate fix
The healthiest raisin

Baking powder / Soda
Bread crumbs
Cake icing / Decorations
Cake / Brownie mix
Sugar substitute
Vegetable shortening

Easy Cooking 

The healthiest cooking method