The Healthiest Fruit and Fruit Juices

Photo: Pomegranate by  flickr-rimon

Fruit and Fruit Juices  2010 Table
Rank Product Antioxidant content
Antioxidant content in FRAP mmol/100 g.
1Pomegranate, only yellow pith55.52
2Fruit from the AfricanBaobab tree10.84
3Pomegranate, arils and carpellar membrane9.05
4Pomegranate arils, dried7.28
5Apples, dried (Tasmanian dried apples)6.07
6Pomegranate, dried5.51
7Pomegranate, whole4.08
8Sweet cherries, dried4.05
9Lemon skin, from lemon ecologically grown4.00
10Olives, black Kalamata, with stone3.25
11Plums, dried3.24
12Apricots, dried3.11
13Lime skin3.05
14Lemon skin2.74
15Apples, dried2.68
16Olives, Kalamata, with stone2.62
17Juice, pomegranate, freshly squeezed from whole pomegranate2.57
18Juice, orange, frozen concentrate, original2.51
19Lemonade syrup, Blackthorn, undiluted2.44
21Juice, orange, frozen concentrate2.39
22Juice, orange, frozen concentrate, country style2.36
23Juice, orange, frozen concentrate, pulp free2.35
24Olives, green, with stone2.26
25Pomegranate, arils and juice2.26
26Cherries, sour, canned, water pack, drained solids2.02
27Juice, Vie Shot, apple, carrot, strawberry1.96
28Dates, dried, Chuhare1.88
29Pomegranate, arils1.85
30Figs, dried, Calimyrna1.83
31Plums, Black Diamond1.83
32Juice, grape, purple1.74
33Mango, dried1.70
34Cherries, sour, canned, water pack, drained liquid1.69
35Juice, with fruits and berries, Noras Antioksidanter med bøåbær og bringebær1.69
36Syrup from canned cherris1.68
37Cherries, sour, canned, heavy syrup, total can contents1.65
38Kiwi, Gold1.63
39Juice, grape and grape blends1.62
40Sweet cherries, dark, canned1.60
41Pomegranate, freshly squeezed juice1.59
42Pomegranate, sour, arils and juice1.59
43Prune porridge1.54
44Dates, dried1.53
45Juice, grape1.50
46Juice, orange, red1.38
47Pineapple, Gold1.36
48Grapes, blue1.33
49Figs, dried, Mission1.31
50Kiwi, yellow1.29
51Lemonade, grape (ready to drink)1.27
52Apples, green, Greenstar1.22
54Guava, wild1.18
55Juice, prune, with pulp1.10
56Plums, red1.08
57Pineapples, MDII, Extra Gold1.05
59Olives, green, without stone1.01
60Juice, Vie Shot, banana, pumpkin, kiwi1.00
61Pomegranate, sweet, arils and juice1.00
63Olives, green, Hojiblanca I, without stone0.99
64Juice, prune0.98
65Plums, red, canned0.97
67Juice, white grape0.94
69Raisins, big0.92
71Oranges, navel0.89
72Pomegranate, only the white kernels0.88
73Juice, grape and grape blends, sweetened0.87
74Juice, grapefruit0.86
76Juice, pineapple, canned or bottled, unsweetened0.84
77Grapefruit, yellow0.82
78Jam, apple0.81
79Grapes, blue, Salvi0.80
81Syrup from canned plums0.79
82Grapes, blue, Don Mario0.78
83Juice, grape and grape blends, unsweetened0.78
84Juice, orange and strawberry0.76
85Juice, orange, from concentrate, with added vitamin C0.76
87Figs, dried0.75
88Kiwi, green0.72
89Dates, Deglet Noor0.72
90Juice, apple, calcium enriched, with added vitamin C0.72
91Juice, fruits with pomegranate0.72
92Grapefruit, red0.71
93Juice, Cranapple0.71
94Lemon, ecologically grown0.70
95Juice, orange0.69
96Currant (raisins of Korinth)0.67
97Juice, orange, with pulp0.66
98Raisins, green0.65
99Sweet cherries0.62
101Juice, orange, with pulp, from Florida0.60
104Juice, orange, refrigerated, premium0.59
105Juice, orange, from concentrate0.58
106Apples, red, Pinova0.57
107Juice, orange, from Florida, with Omega‐3 from plant0.57
108Juice, orange, refrigerated0.57
109Dates, Medjool0.56
110Juice, orange, refrigerated, pure premium0.56
111Olives, black, without stone0.56
113Juice, grapefruit, red, with pulp0.55
114Juice, apple, with added vitamin C0.54
115Juice, orange and pineapple0.53
116Apples, Granny Smith0.52
118Juice, orange and pineapple with pulp0.51
119Juice, 4 frukter (4 fruits)0.49
120Apples, red, Red Delicious, ecological0.48
121Juice, apple, premium0.47
122Japanese plum pulp, paste0.45
124Passion fruit, wild, handpicked0.44
125Tangerines, Honey0.44
126Apples, red, Fuji0.40
127Apples, red, Red Delicious0.40
128Nectar, Sydhavsnektar0.40
129Grapes, red0.39
130Mango, red0.37
131Physalis (Physalis peruviana), wild0.37
132Fruit salad, traditional, in natural juice0.36
133Mango, yellow0.36
134Apples, red, Pink Lady0.35
136Olives, black, Hojiblanca I, without stone0.35
137Juice, mango and pineapple0.34
138Nectar, orange0.34
139Juice, lemon0.33
140Apples, Composite of Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala, & Fuji,0.31
141Juice, pineapple0.30
142Grapes, green, Mario deCristo0.30
143Juice, orange and carrot0.29
144Melon, yellow0.29
146Grapes, green0.27
147Juice, apple0.26
148Peaches, canned with syrup0.25
149Nectar, Tropical0.25
150Grapes, green, Salvi0.24
151Apples, Gala0.23
153Pears, composite of Bartlett, Green Anjou, and Bosc0.23
154Pears, Red Anjou0.23
155Apples, Fuji0.22
156Juice, apple, with dietary fibre0.22
157Juice, Tropisk, original0.22
158Pears, Bartlett0.22
159Pears, Green Anjou0.22
160Apples, Golden Delicious0.20
161Melon, Cantaloupe0.19
162Grapes, green, without stone0.18
164Pears, Bosc0.18
165Pineapple, dried0.18
166Peaches, canned with syrup with spices0.17
168Juice, apple, God Frokost0.16
169Melon, pattern0.15
170Apricots, canned, drained0.14
171Glacè cherries0.14
172Juice from canned apricots0.14
173Papaya, dried0.14
174Nectar, apple0.12
177Melon, Cantaloupe, small0.12
179Ice, sorbet, mango0.11
180Squash, green (Cucurbita)0.11
181Peaches, canned in heavy syrup, drained liquid0.10
182Apples, Golden Delicious, without peel0.10
183Peaches, canned, in heavy syrup, drained liquid0.10
184Pears, Bartlett, selected halve, premium, canned0.10
185Syrup from canned pears0.10
187Peaches, canned in heavy syrup, drained solids0.09
188Apples, red, Red Delicious, without peel0.08
189Nectar, apple with pear0.08
190Watermelon, red, seedless0.06
192Watermelon, yellow, seedless0.04


The total antioxidant content of more than 3100 foods, beverages, spices, herbs and supplements used worldwide. Carlsen MH, Halvorsen BL, Holte K, Bøhn SK, Dragland S, Sampson L, Willey C, Senoo H, Umezono Y, Sanada C, Barikmo I, Berhe N, Willett WC, Phillips KM, Jacobs DR Jr, Blomhoff R. Nutr J. 2010 Jan 22; 9:3.