Table of Contents

"The Doctor Of The Future Will Give No Medicine, But Will Interest His Patients In The Care Of The Human Frame, In Diet And In The Cause As Well As The Prevention Of Disease." - Thomas Edison

Future Doctor's Prescription

  1. Living Longer
    1. The Blue Zones Page
    2. Mind Page
    3. Law of Attraction Page
  2. Conventional Medicine Page
    1. Vaccine Page
    2. Dental Page
  3. Alternative Medicine Page
    1. Supplement Page
  4. Diet Page
    1. Jucing Diet Page
      1. Types of Juicer Page
      2. Hurom Slow Juicer - Recipe Page
    2. Vegan Diet Page
  5. Healthy bowel movement Page
  6. Easy Cooking Page
  7. Grocery List Page
  8. Ensure sufficient sleep and rest Page
  9. Detoxification Page
  10. Fruits and Vegetables Page
    1. Apples Page
    2. Carrots Page
  11. Garden of Medicine
    1. Grow and maintain your own garden Page
    2. How to grow fresh air (indoor) Page
  12. Resources
    1. Health Tools Page
    2. Weights and Measures Page
    3. Nutrition Experts Page
    4. The Antioxidant Food Table Page
      1. Anti-cancer Vegetables Page
      2. Anti-cancer Fruits Page
    5. Food Supply Page
  13. Health Story Page
    1. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton Health Page
    2. Why Did Steve Jobs Die? Page
    3. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2010 Page
  14. Bibliography Page
  15. Glossary Page