The Healthiest Beverages

Tea and coffee are consumed by millions of people around the world every day. They are two of the most commonly consumed beverages worldwide, yet there is little dietary advice on their use. However, tea is the healthier option because it has a possible role in the prevention of several cancers and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD).[1]

Photo: Macha (Green Tea Powder) by Wiki/0121stephen

Beverages 2010 Table
Rank Product Antioxidant content
  • Antioxidant content in FRAP mmol/100 g.
  • Souce [2]
1Tea, green, (pink) powder1347.83
2Tea, instant, dry powder, unsweetened165.86
3Tea, Sermoni, powder155.42
4Tea, Rabs Classic Malawi Tea, dried57.72
5Tea, Combe Tea, dried57.57
6Ricoffy, instant coffee & chicory, Nescafe, powder51.86
7Tea, leaves, fresh26.55
8Tea, green, dried24.31
9Coffee beans, roasted, Monsooned Malabar AA22.73
10Coffee beans, roasted (black)22.29
11Coffee, Espresso, double, prepared16.33
12Coffee beans, green16.24
13Coffee beans, raw/green15.19
14Coffee, Espresso, single, prepared14.24
15Lemonade powder mix, unsweetened12.75
16Tea, green, leaves, dried, Kashmir Kahawa10.13
17Coffee, Macciato, double, prepared8.17
18Tea, Flor de Jamaica, prepared6.99
19Tea, green, Green Label, dried6.77
20Coffee, Macciato, single, prepared5.90
21Instant cocoa, Choco‐Mocca, powder5.83
22Instant cocoa, Regia express, light, powder4.96
23Wine, red, Montepulciano20013.66
24Coffee, Robusta mild roasting, filter brewed3.60
25Coffee, L'Or, 100% Arabica, filter brewed3.34
27Coffee, yellow Coop, filter brewed3.11
28Coffee, Robusta medium roasting, filter brewed3.09
29Instant cocoa, Regia express, original, powder3.09
30Wine, red, Chanti Collisensi 20033.08
31Wine, red, Canaletto 20003.05
32Coffee, Frokost, filter brewed3.03
33Coffee, L'Or, 100% Arabica, boiled3.03
34Coffee, Robusta green, filter brewed2.99
35Tea, Darjeeling, leaves, dried2.93
36Wine, red, MezzamondeNegramoro2.90
37Coffee, Lavazza, Caffe Espresso, 100% Arabica, prepared2.83
38Wine, red, J.P.Chenet2.83
39Wine, red, Canepa 20002.82
40Coffee, Cappucino, double, prepared2.81
41Coffee, Arabica medium roasting, filter brewed2.78
42Coffee, Espresso Originale Italiano, classico, prepared2.70
43Wine, red, Vino Maipo2.70
44Coffee, Arabica strong roasting, filter brewed2.69
45Wine, red, Vidigal Reserva2.69
46Wine, red, Chianti Classico20002.68
47Blackcurrant, toddy, instant, Regia2.64
48Coffee, Andes Bolivia, boiled2.62
49Tea, green, Green Java, prepared2.62
50Wine, red, ChateauCoufran19992.62
51Coffee, Ali, ground, 100% Arabica, filter brewed2.61
52Coffee, Farmers Coffee (fairtrade Max Havelaar), filter brewed2.58
53Coffee, Andes Bolivia, filter brewed2.55
54Wine, red, Fortino2.55
55Coffee, Evergood, filter brewed2.52
56Tea, dog rose, from extract, prepared2.49
57Wine, red, Capella2.49
58Wine, red, Cato Negro2.49
59Coffee, Arabica mild roasting, filter brewed2.45
60Tea, Sermoni, green tea, prepared2.45
61Wine, red, Arrow 20002.44
62Coffee, prepared2.43
63Wine, red, Terriero 20012.41
64Coffee, Evergood, caffein free, ground, filter brewed2.39
65Wine, red, La Buvette2.37
66Wine, red, Kimberly 20012.33
67Tea, green, Java Green, prepared2.31
68Coffee, Ali, dark burned ground, 100% Arabica, filter brewed2.28
69Coffee, Finca Rodomunho, filter brewed2.25
70Coffee, Robusta strong roasting, filter brewed2.25
71Wine, red, Crozes Hermitage19992.24
72Coffee, Ali, ground, 100% Arabica, boiled2.23
73Coffee, Cafe Organico Arabica, instant, prepared2.20
74Coffee, boiled2.18
75Wine, red, Amigo2.15
76Coffee, Cirkel Coffee, ground coffee, filter brewed2.13
77Wine, red, Merlot2.13
78Coffee, Finca Rodomunho, boiled2.10
79Wine, red, Syrah, bag‐in‐box2.10
80Wine, red, Boheme2.06
81Tang, Jamaica, drinking powder2.05
82Wine, red, Baro`n de Oña toija 19962.03
83Tea, green, Jasmine, prepared2.02
84Wine, red, Banrock Station Shiraz1.97
85Wine, red, Chapelle Du Bois1.94
86Coffee, filter brewed1.86
87Coffee, Evergood, boiled1.84
88Wine, red, La Boiselière1.82
89Coffee, Cirkel Coffee, boiled1.79
90Prune drink1.79
91Wine, red, Côte de Nuits‐Villages19981.78
92Coffee, instant, Sombrero, prepared1.68
93Coffee, instant, Nescafe Gull, prepared1.67
94Coffee, Caffe Latte, double, prepared1.66
95Instant cocoa, Rett i Koppen, powder1.61
96Coffee, instant, prepared1.60
97Coffee, Cappucino, single, prepared1.59
98Coffee, Arabica green, filter brewed1.55
99Tea, green, Assam TGFOP, prepared1.49
100Tea, green, Earl Grey, prepared1.43
101Tea, green, Spesial Chun Mee, prepared1.43
102Tea, green, Emperors Garden, prepared1.36
103Soft drink, white soda, regular1.27
104Tea, green, Jasmin, prepared1.27
105Tea, green, Ling ching, prepared1.26
106Tea, green, Gunpowder, prepared1.25
107Tea, green, Sencha, prepared1.24
108Tea, black, Ceylon, prepared1.21
109Tang, Tamarino, drinking powder1.12
110Tea, black, Darjeeling Tiger Hill, prepared1.12
111Coffee, Iced coffee Mocca, ready to drink1.05
112Tea, fruit, Mango, prepared0.98
113Tea, instant, dry powder, with lemon and sugar, prepared0.94
114Coffee, Iced coffee Cappucino, ready to drink0.93
115Coffee, Caffe Latte, single, prepared0.92
116Tea, black, Earl Grey, prepared0.89
117Tea, green, mint, prepared0.88
118Latino beverages, guava(guayaba) nectar0.87
119Lemonade powder mix, pink, sweetened with sugar0.77
120Tea, black, Ceylon Breakfast, prepared0.75
121Juice drinks,10% juice, blazin' blueberry flavor0.73
122Lemonade powder mix, sweetened with sugar0.73
123Juice drinks, 10% juce, boppin' strawberry flavor0.72
124Cordial, raspebbery flavored, Fun light, Bringebær, undiluted0.62
125Tea, Rooibos, prepared0.61
126Cockburn`s Port0.60
127Nectar, Multivitamine0.59
128Tea, green, Monkey, prepared0.57
129Wine, white, Viogner0.56
130Tang, Naranja, drinking powder0.54
131Wine, white, LiebfraumilchSilbervin0.50
132Wine, white, Tarquet0.50
133Tea, fruit, wild berries, prepared0.49
134Wine, white, Milestone 20010.47
135Beer, Porter0.46
136Beer, Samichlaus Bier (Santa Claus Beer), Lager Beer0.46
137Tea, iced tea, peach0.46
138Cognac, X.O.Braastad, FineChampagne0.45
139Cordial, orange flavored, FunLight Appelsin, undiluted0.45
140Cordial, strawberry flavored, Fun light Jordbær, undiluted0.45
141Instant cocoa, Regia express, original, prepared0.45
142Lemonade, pink, frozen concentrate0.45
143Wine, white, Dunvar0.44
144Beer, Limfjords Porter, double brown stout0.43
145Beer, Mack Bok‐øl0.43
146Tea, Peppermint, ground and whole fresh leaves, prepared0.43
147Beer, Maredsous, Trippel 100.42
148Instant cocoa, Regia express, light, prepared0.42
149Liquor of crowberries, Frost0.42
150Tea, Roiboos, Aspalathus linearis, prepared0.42
151Wine, white, Moscato0.42
152Lemonade, regular, frozen concentrate0.41
153Cordial, lemon flavored, Fun light, Sitron, undiluted0.40
154Latino beverages, mango nectar0.40
155Wine, white, Moselland ArsVitis0.40
156Blackcurrant, toddy, instant, Regia, prepared0.38
157Spirulina Cocktail0.38
158Wine, white, Moselland0.38
159Tea, iced tea, brewed, unsweetened0.37
160Wine, white, Blue Nun0.37
161Cordial, peach flavored, Fun light, Peach Passion, undiluted0.36
162Beer, Pères Trappistes0.33
163Instant cocoa, Choco‐Mocca, prepared0.33
164Lemonade, mixed wild berries0.33
165Cognac, V.S.Martell, Fine Cognac0.32
166Beer, Pale ale0.31
167Tea, dog rose, herb tea, prepared0.31
168Wine, white, Caliterra 20000.30
169Wine, white, Müller ReilerWom Heissen Stein0.30
170Beer, Saison Dupont, Biologique0.29
171Beer, Bavarian Weizen0.27
172Tea, herb, Mate‐brown, prepared0.27
173Instant cocoa, Rett i Koppen, prepared0.26
174Latino beverages, tamarind (tamarindo) nectar0.26
175Malt beer0.26
176Beer, Bayer0.25
177Wine, white, Dr. L. Riesling0.25
178Latino beverages, guanabana nectar0.25
179Wine, Danish Cherry‐wine0.23
180Beer, Leffe0.22
181Brandy, Napoleon V.S.O.P.0.22
182Beer, Guinnes Draught0.21
183Beer, Premium Lager0.21
184Beer, Pils0.21
185Tea, dog rose, from dried dogrose, prepared0.20
186Beer, Aass Gull0.19
187Wine, white, Black Tower0.19
188Beer, Lysholmer Spesial0.18
189Tea, iced tea, ready to drink, iced tea with lemon flavor0.16
190Wine, white, Chardonnay0.16
191Cordial, wild berries flavored, Fun light Wild Berries, undiluted0.15
192Lemonade, lemon0.14
193Beer, regular0.13
194Beer, Beck`s beer0.13
195Beer, Lager Beer0.13
196Soft drink, orange, Solo0.13
197Aquavit, Løiten Linie0.12
198Beer, without alcohol0.11
199Non‐carbonated flavored bottled drinking water, fitness H2O, natural lemon flavor0.11
200Tea, Camomile flowers, prepared0.10
201Whisky, Finest Scotch Whisky0.10
202Beer, light0.09
203Soft drink, citrus fruit, Urge0.08
204Soft drink, Fanta0.08
205Vanilla shake, national0.08
206Non‐carbonated flavored bottled drinking water, elements enhanced water energy, lemon0.07
207Juice drinks,10% ,strawberry flavor0.06
208Juice drinks, 10% juice, strawberry kiwi flavor0.05
209Tea, iced tea, ready to drink, brisk lemon iced tea0.05
210Tea, iced tea, ready to drink, natural lemon iced tea0.05
211Soft drink, cola, diet0.04
212Soft drink, cola, regular0.03
213Juice drinks, 10% juice, splash cooler flavor0.03
214Cider, Ãpple, 4,5vol%0.02
215Cider, Pãron, 2,25vol%0.02
216Juice drinks,10% juice, mountain cooler flavor0.02
217Non‐carbonated flavored bottled drinking water, essential multi vitamin, watermelon flavor0.02
219Sports drink mix, orange flavor0.01
220Sports drink, lemon‐lime flavor0.01
221Diet Mountain Dew Superb0.00
222Energy drink0.00
223Energy drink, sugar free0.00
224Gingerale, american type0.00
225Lemonade mix, pink, sweetened with artificial sweetener0.00
226Lemonade mix, sweetened with artificial sweetener0.00
227Non‐carbonated bottled drinking water0.00
228Non‐carbonated flavored bottled drinking water, fluoride to go0.00
229Non‐carbonated flavored bottled drinking water, fruit2o water, natural strawberry flavor0.00
230Non‐carbonated flavored bottled drinking water, fruit2o, natural raspberry flavor0.00
231Soft drink, lemon‐lime, light, 7 UP0.00
232Soft drink, lemon‐lime, regular, Sprite0.00
233Soft drink, lemon‐lime, Sprite0.00
234Sports drink, orange flavor0.00
235White soda, regular0.00


[1] Tea or coffee? A case study on evidence for dietary advice. Colin W Binns*, Andy H Lee and Michelle L Fraser. School of Public Health, Curtin University of Technology, GPO Box U 1987, Perth, WA 6845, Australia. 6 October 2007

[2] The total antioxidant content of more than 3100 foods, beverages, spices, herbs and supplements used worldwide. Carlsen MH, Halvorsen BL, Holte K, Bøhn SK, Dragland S, Sampson L, Willey C, Senoo H, Umezono Y, Sanada C, Barikmo I, Berhe N, Willett WC, Phillips KM, Jacobs DR Jr, Blomhoff R. Nutr J. 2010 Jan 22; 9:3.